Friends and Family Class

Our November friends and family class was a great success. We had 4 participants who had many great questions. By the way, 6 is the maximum class size for our free class. The small size allows for more student involvement in the learning process.

Above is a picture of some of our students practicing CPR on manikins. When it comes to CPR practice is important.

Our classes are given in an informal setting. Typically, classes are held at the Brookline branch of the Carnegie Library. Although these classes are not eligible for a CPR card, they do give a working knowledge of how to give breaths and chest compressions in an emergency situation. We also talk about infant CPR, choking in adults and infants.

If you decide that you would like to attended one of our classes, you can find a list of up and coming courses on our web site Typically, we also advertise our classes in Brookline United and Brookline Community Groups. I hope to see you in class.

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